Read through the Bible in a Year? Nah!

This may seem a little strange but I would never recommend reading the Bible through in a year as is always the rage this time of the year. I never did understand why a pastor or teacher would recommend this. Don’t get me wrong, most Christians desperately need to be educated in the content of the Bible but, I am not sure that reading the Bible in this way is the answer.

It seems that the complexity of interpreting the Scriptures has become a myth. Maybe it is a reaction against having a Pope? Or maybe just plain arrogance but the Scriptures are not easy to understand!

The other problem I have has to do with the execution of the plan. If the reading plan is the type where one starts at the beginning and reads straight through then most don’t make it through the Priestly material in Exodus. For those who do Leviticus is glad to suck the will right out of them. If one participates in the type of plant that mixes different genres then who can really focus or be aware of the context?

In my opinion, it is best to pick a topic per month and study it from the text. If you want to learn more about Genesis than just read Genesis and maybe supplement it with a commentary. Want to know more about atonement then find the passages and read them in their context and maybe supplement it. Want to know more about King David then do the same. Reading the whole Bible is working harder not smarter because simply knowing what the Bible says is the lowest element in the cognitive domain (you now Bloom’s taxonomy). One should at least attempt to move into the next level of the cognitive domain, that is, understanding.

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