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1.1 §5.4-6.2

In this week’s section I finally get back to understanding Barth…uh, I think. What I have figured out so far is that Barth founds almost every theological thought on the understanding that God is so, so, so ‘other-than.’ He then, … Continue reading

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1.1 §5.1-3

Before I being begin this weeks post I have to admit that I forgot that this week (according to Dr. Kirk’s schedule) was almost twice the length as usual. So I was left with the arduous task of quickly reading … Continue reading

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Does God Have a Body?

I know. That is the dumbest question one could ever ask! Of course God does not have a body! Haven’t you ever read John 4:24 that says, “God is Spirit?” If God is (a) spirit then how does he have … Continue reading

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1.1 §4.2-4.4

This has been the most satisfying week for me as I am reading through Barth ― at least 50% of his material was understandable. (Please hold the applause I am trying to be humble here.) No, really, this week was … Continue reading

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