My name is S. Daniel Owens and I am married to a wonderful woman named Brittny and together we have the most exquisite daughter in the world. I have a passion for learning and desire to continually grow in wisdom. This desire led me to begin seminary at Dallas Theological Seminary and as of writing I have 20 credit hours to finish my degree. This last year will probably take me a little less than forever to complete since I have taken a full time job teaching elementary students. I just resigned from a post as Associate Pastor at Straight Street Ministries where the Lord allowed me to overcome a ridiculous cocaine addiction (amongst other things). I have been clean for ten years.

As for politics I understand the importance of politics so I vote but I don’t place my trust in politicians because I have yet to observe one keeping promises and/or serving the public the way they claim will.

As far as sports its all Redskins, Rangers (TX) and Mavericks. Unfortunately I never have time to watch them. If you desire to know about my life but care less about theology then see my other blog here.

I am starting this blog mainly for two reasons (1) I am a terrible writer and this seems like the most practical way to improve, that is, I imagine the best way to learn to write is to actually write (we will see!) (2) I purchased Barth’s Church Dogmatics at the insane price of $99 and this blog is to help aid my understanding of his work through dialogue.

Finally, I am sure that over the life of this blog I will make someone angry because I am brutally honest, irreverent, young and, unfortunately, a bit arrogant. Please accept my apologies ahead of time I really do desire to grow in maturity.


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