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1.1 §5.1-3

Before I being begin this weeks post I have to admit that I forgot that this week (according to Dr. Kirk’s schedule) was almost twice the length as usual. So I was left with the arduous task of quickly reading … Continue reading

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1.1 §4.2-4.4

This has been the most satisfying week for me as I am reading through Barth ― at least 50% of his material was understandable. (Please hold the applause I am trying to be humble here.) No, really, this week was … Continue reading

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The Possibility of Dogmatics Prolegomena

Epistemology, for Barth, is possible for the Church but it must be careful in doing it. (Who,  besides Barth, ever thought epistemology was dangerous?) He appears to understand a majority of major players in the last 300 of theology to … Continue reading

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The Church, Theology, Science

It hasn’t taken many pages of the first book Church Dogmatics to realize that reading Barth will be many different types of education for me. First, in order to understand what he is saying (exegesis) I am going to have … Continue reading

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